Quick Parenting Talks –


My current situation on a Monday night….. I wish that I could just be laying and watching television but im not! My son and I are re – capping the conversation that we had earlier today on our way home about how he wish things were different.

As a single parent………. I have always seemed to have to endure heart wrenching talks with my 11 year old wonderful son in regards to his relationship with his father –  uuuggghh … I tell you – it makes me sad and angry all at the same time! HOWEVER, God has granted me the ability and choice to pray and wait on Him to move in this area.

My son went down for prayer yesterday at church in regards to his father and the inconsistency that is VERY MUCH alive within their relationship. It was good for my son to go down on his own because it allowed us both to hold onto hope yet again! Regardless of what his father not being there on a consistent basis, it is BOTH of our desires that God would show him what he indeed is missing –

Children NEED both their Fathers and their Mothers because they have something to INSTILL into their children. God has a plan for my son and I am STILL holding onto to the things that I know to be true. It is a weekly prayer that we have to do in regards to making sure that my son DOES NOT BECOME BITTER.

The dynamic is VERY INTERESTING because he can talk with his father one day after months going by and my son will be like mushy puddy because OF COURSE he just misses his father – however, as soon as he hangs up the phone – he comes in pours his heart onto my shirt, lap and shoulder with tears-

As his mother – I keep my PERSONAL FEELINGS to myself and just talk, pray and hug on him always reminding him how AWESOME of a son he indeed is. I also remind my son that we STILL have to pray for his father in spite of….

Prayer is one thing but God knows that actions are just as important to the lives of children in regards to their parents.

Whew – he is better now – this is a ROUTINE that I cannot wait to be stopped / FIXED in Jesus name –

Honey, it is SPIRITUALLY, MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY exhausting for me and my son but God is the PERFECT Healer in any and all situations that may seem where there is NO HOPE – Thank God for His goodness and His mercy during this time!