Road Trip AGAIN –


Listen, driving to see my son up at school is slowly and surely becoming a habit!! LOL However, with traffic and the constant road construction has made me more than just a tad upset…. If I see one more GREEN SIGN – I will scream…. uggghhhh!! You see my face…. I am fussing…… I am sleepy – excited and everything else under the sun…but I still dont feel like driving!


All I want to do is get to see my son who is almost 4 hours away in ONE PIECE!!! LOL

With my son  off at school, I was left with a lot of questions…… However with a few road trips under my belt – I AM FINE! Especially this weekend…. it was AMAZING – God is amazing too! LOL

Thinking hmm…. would my son adjust well to college? Could he handle his classes? His freshman year – my nerves were a little bad and just thinking – will he know what to do and what to SPEAK UP ABOUT? etc..etc…etc..

I of course wanted to see for myself how my son was doing when I went to see him and from what I could see, My son indeed is thriving. He has surrounded himself with friends. So far he is doing well in his classes…..He had a few bumps in the road but with him being a SOPHMORE now in college… He really has a better grip on things….. Did I mention that we are really becoming better friends and finding ways to meet each other ALMOST in the middle to establish some real Godly balance….#happy

I know college will present challenges. He’s already experienced some, but what I’m pleased to see is that he is using his coping skills and he’s doing this without running to people over any and everything.

My baby is growing up and yet he was very happy and appreciative to see us this weekend. And that is as big a gift as the bear hugs that he gave me before we drove off….

I said all of this to say that I am a proud of MY KID!!!


We Will Never Know –

This video may not be for everyone – this is a mock video that was made LAST YEAR in 2012 but it still has Life….. View it  and please “channel” your emotions – thoughts WISELY.