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Boundaries produces Integrity, loyalty and honor. Leaders must protect the mystery and grace that is upon their lives to lead others. Many may never understand this method, but it is important to set boundaries to manage the level of respect others have and keep for you. Inappropriate familiarity kills the attempt to properly bond. This type of familiarity will ultimately cause others to denote who you are in God because of the access given to areas of your life that should have boundaries.  ( thanks md hester )



  1. I couldn’t agree with this more? Where has this post been? Why didn’t i do it first?

    Seriously, as leaders we must lead through respect, honor, discipline, and enthusiasm. When did “likeability” start replacing respect from employees? If you lead through friendship and personal commonality you are going to constantly risk your career as well as others.

    We have a responsibility to our teams to be respectable and keep the other “stuff” in our personal lives. Everyone including leaders deserve to have an individual and prosperous personal life, but it needs to be numbed while you are growing and inspiring individual dreams of others!

    -Michael Dooley

    • Blessings Michael!

      It does NOT matter who does what first….second…third…or even LAST… Just as long as things get done and people are able to glean from the knowledge from one another –

      Good leaders are always WILLING to share information – to be honest – we are ALL taking bits and pieces from one another – known and unknown – that is the CYCLE of confirmation when we can be all on one accord – wanting – needing – desiring the SAME thing for the beterment of others.
      ( my own personal side note >>> thanks md hester for the start )

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