Co – Parenting

imageWhen children spend their time split between parents’ houses, there are several issues that may arise. It would be LOVELY if SIMPLE things like this would transpire – Co – Parenting can BE DONE – but you need willing parties!

One of the benefits that co-parenting provides is supplying children with a close and fair relationship with both parties. Even though the parents may have their disagreements and different views, for the sake of the children, it is imperative that they put all issues aside and set some uniform rules that must be followed within both households. 

Also Parents HAVE TO EVEN FIRST understand what THEIR ROLE as a parent is and then co – parenting would not be so hard for them! Yes, it can drive you crazy when the other parent is totally “off of their game” but for the sake of the child – you pray and push forward…. (ugghh)

1. One of the most important rules in co-parenting is to never talk badly about the other parent to the children. When children witness this behavior, they will think it is OK for them to do the same. Children should not view their parents as enemies, but rather as a team, even though they may not live together anymore. When children realize that their parents are a team, the child will no longer choose a favorite or take sides in disagreements between the parents.

2. There should be a uniform set of rules that is enforced in each household. If children notice that they are able to get away with more at one house versus the other, that will cause the children to develop a favorite household for the wrong reasons.

3. If a child misbehaves and is punished, the punishment should follow them to the other parent’s house as well. Children should not think they are off the hook once they go to visit the other parent. This will teach them that no matter what household they are in, they cannot get away with misbehaving.