Helping Self...

Grateful, That’s All –


I did nothing to gain God’s Favor, while living out a life of sin,  But, to me He sent The Savior, changing my heart deep within. God changed my life’s behavior, and now my life I give to Him, And though my heart may waver, His Holy Spirit remains within. For my sins, as dark as night,  *God is so amazing…..God had sent for me a sacrifice, God made my sins snowy white, by the blood of Jesus Christ. Moving me from wrong to right, when for me He paid the price,  Which lead me into His Light, from my darkness, into New Life.

It wasn’t me who sought the face, of The God in Heaven above, Instead, it was all of Grace, when He poured on me all His Love. It was me, who God embraced; as God I wasn’t even thinking of, Yet my sins God would erase, through Jesus and Calvary’s love. God is so amazing……..

It was God, who loved me first, for God moved upon my heart, God had saved me at my worst, allowing me a brand new start. While living in a world accursed, He helps me from sin to depart, My course in life God reversed, with His Spirit, now in my heart.

I’ll never know, just how and why, I was favored by God on High, But with His Favor I want to be, God’s witness so that all can see, The Love God showed in His Son, who died for me and everyone, So they can come to the place, where they too, accept His Grace……