This “YOUNG” – Woman is A Disgrace To Herself

Okay, you see I wrote that she was YOUNG but you can be young and still know manners, honor and respect! The way that she acted and talked to her husband’s family even BEFORE their nuptials was shocking!! I commend the husbands FATHER for taking a stand against BOTH of them.

It seemed like his father didn’t approve of the young lady but STILL wanted to support his son. However,  when the wife THOUGHT she could get away with disrespecting the dad too! He wasn’t having it and I’m sure he was hurt, disgusted and embarrassed that his son didn’t speak up in his behalf sooner. His son did say somethung finally, BUT. ……..


2 thoughts on “This “YOUNG” – Woman is A Disgrace To Herself”

  1. She’s very young, both of them are. I think 20 somethings are really idealistic about life and they still have teen hormones rolling around. Lol. Add in, this woman may be a bit of a brat. She’s very pretty and smart so he probably likes that, but wow. Her temperment….

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