Being In Tune –


It is safe to say that out of 5 kids and me being next to the baby that I am the closet with my momma – ( and my his soul ) ….. ( I am positive to some degree that the other siblings would also agree as well – )

So when I called and was talking to my mom …I was able to pick up that something was not right –

Whether it is knowing that my mom is irritated because she ran out of her favorite gum or candy

Whether it is knowing that my mom is not in the mood to leave the house

Whether it is knowing that my mom is lonely by the way she starts off in a conversation

Whether it is knowing that someone called her that ruffled her feathers

Whether it is knowing that something is GOING ON in her body and she does not want to speak on it

Well……….. it was like a few years back – I obtained the same feeling about my mommy while we were on the phone in the afternoon while I was leaving early for work ……. UNFORTUNATELY but gratefully – I was right ……

Glad that God DID IT AGAIN – and made sure that my mommy cakes was alright… Thank God for LIFE and praying that things will continue “to stay on course” ……. I wish that those chairs and sharing her bed with her was a bit more comfy! LOL

Hospitals are not fun – because they ONLY represent LIFE or DEATH ….grateful that all is groovy with The Coleman’s.