Why I Didnt Buy My Son ANOTHER Skateboard!

This is not my son BUT listen, he is able to try anything that looks fun and if he happens to be staying at an overnight… I am scared to death that he would try to do something like this with friends –
Kids…especially boys are dare devils most of the time and when he started LOVING skateboards little bit “too much” for my taste – I surely put an end to his skater days! LOL


A Weird but Grateful Moment


Word for the MORNING and AFTERNOON ……… >>>>> was stress!!! Thank goodness, it is gone!

Okay, who would think that talking with someone at a cemetery could assist you in turning your whole day around!….Showing you different viewpoints in a FEW of your situations in life……. I was NOT having the “best moment” earlier today but then….. it happened.. God allowed a VERY STRESSFUL situation on my behalf to get turned around …  ( God is everywhere )

Her name was “Stacy”……but just her calmness – her understanding – her words of wisdom – her ability to listen and understand ME “at that very moment” erased almost all of the negative things that I was feeling from Sunday and this afternoon. ( God is everywhere )

Honey with my weekend that I had starting with even going back to Wednesday – has been a but much to deal with –

However, it AMAZES me how in the midst of pure CHAOS – STRESS – UNCERTAINTY – DOUBT …..God still shows up and makes EVERYTHING alright… ( God is everywhere )