A Nice Revelation 4 Today


Listen – God has REALLY blessed me to do a great deal of things – go to a great deal of places – meet a great deal of people and I believe that God STILL HAS soo much more for me in store  ( praise ye the Lord )

However – as I was going through out my day and had a moment to pause for about a good 10 minutes – God advised me that He wanted to bring some things to my attention –

IMMEDIATELY – I was like the student who is getting their name called over the speaker in school and knew that my walk to the office would be a long one…..because I would take my good old time so I could figure out WHAT IN THE WORLD is needed of me from the school office!!  LOL

Well with ALL of the many blessings that I have been granted – I DISCOVERED that I was not totally happy – There is A BIG DIFFERENCE between having the “joy” of the Lord and being happy – I have the joy of Christ with a FEW SPRINKLES of happiness.

Things and opportunities cannot make a person happy – well let me speak for MYSELF – they dont do it for me – I am all about having a life full of POSITIVE relationships and maintaining a life that God WILL ALWAYS be pleased with.

I have changed SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much over the last 5 years – 4 years – 3 years – 2 years -1 years …..months…weeks…days…hours… and PRESENT MOMENT TIME –

My circle of friends – my worship experiences – my place of worship – my thought process – the way that I dress – the way that I speak – the way that I am over all in literally every aspect of my life –  So I guess that I am “semi – happy” because God has been ….is and will always be good to “muah” – LOL

Am I pouting? Maybe because the things that I may seem to be un-happy about are things that I am waiting on God “to fix” – so….. I guess that makes me STILL happy but I tend to feel the pressure or the IMPATIENCE of me waiting on Him – That is where this FAITH thing “should always kick in” right!! – LOL