Breast Cancer AND Socks –


First of all, do I look like I wanted to be out this late??? Okay – breast cancer awareness is an amazing movement and with all of the hundreds of millions of dollars that this organization has raised – THEY BETTER be on the verge of a cure!!!!!

Nonetheless, middle schools and high schools all across the country participates in some form or another to show their support during the month of October – Well my son is REALLY finally getting into the groove of supporting breast cancer awareness because he understands MORE NOW of what the disease is and what it does to people’s lives AND he knows that his grandfather also died from cancer –

Welp, honey –  I need ANYBODY / SOMEBODY / a cat – a dog – a mouse – an elephant etc to scream to the hills to MY KID – that I am an awesome mother! LOL – He knows it – he tells me at least 3 times a week how much he appreciates me…..

( ummm – This is the part where MOMS will sy…. Well appreciate me by keeping your room clean! ) LOL – So serious though….

Lately although he semi – deserves “some of the things” that I get for him but he feels that he no longer really has to “work for them” anymore – YES – I am apart of the blame …maybe because I super duper spoiled him – “but still” right?

Well – its late and I got up to RUN TO THE MALL so this little boy can have PINK SOCKS to wear and support Breast Cancer Awareness with the rest of the school tomorrow!

Yes, the boy is wearing a pink shirt too! – Trying to find pink sneaker laces – but that is a bit too much….. Thanks Susan B. Komen for the late night run! – : )


A Supportive Super Mom


  1. You have the sweetest son! Just by looking at that face I can tell he has a good heart, and that he adores his momma! 🙂 Good job raising such a great young man!!!

    1. hey girlie!!

      thanks bunches – he is a good boy! thanking God for tha big time! being a single mom is rewarding and draining all at the same time BUT – I ADORE MY KID!

      How is your health honey? ….. praying God’s best foy YOU……love ya

      1. I’m doing a bit better, changed meds up a little and at least I’m not sleeping 20 hours a day anymore! Thank you so much for the prayers. I am so grateful for all the prayers I can get and give as well. Hugs!!! Also, tell your son that one of your blogging friends is proud of him for being such a great young man and son to you!

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