Thanksgiving 4 My Baby


Glad that MY KID was able to see his father for this holiday… Hope that he can see him more than twice a year…..

Wow, seeing my son smile was sooo Enough for ME and is a very nice start to Thanksgiving. ….

Time is NOT on our sides in this life AND it indeed needs to be realized by everyone living soul in the world….. I am still really Praying that their bond will continue to GROW in a productive, practical, fun and Godly manner……

My desire is for his dad to really be a consistent blessing in the role of fatherhood to our son….

Kids surely need BOTH parents because there are things that each parent is supposed to instill within a child. I can’t be his father AND his father cannot be his mother. …. So my son needs us BOTH. ….

Prayer works! Please continue to pray for major #consistency# fom his dad…….