Feeling Good –


I just  got home from early service and I feel AMAZING ( again)….. I love my place of worship for it KEEPS ME on fire for the things of God and I am so blessed that I am apart of the work there  – I matter…

Today is the day God has made for me. And so today I will celebrate and rejoice and be glad. Today is a blessing for me and today I am blessed. Today is a miracle. Today, the Creator of the Universe is opening the windows of heaven and God’s blessings are pouring down upon me abundantly, exceedingly, above and beyond. In front of the mirror, I will say, “God, I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

My architect is God and I am His masterpiece and one of a kind. Today, I will smile at the “storms of life” because God is my strength and my portion forever. With God within my heart, I am still and at peace and secure. I soulfully know that He will not leave me nor forsake me amidst the uncertainties of life.

I am a Child of the Most High God – Jesus Christ shall continue to live forever and ever – AMEN




Relationships are essential and a blessing to have BUT takes a great deal of consistency to maintain.

Whether male or female, they basically are the SAME role reversals via being any or ALL of the following…….

Brother / Sister
Son / Daughter
Uncle / Aunt
Father / Mother

And of course we are all mentors, mentees, cousins and friends to many. All of positions take work and maintenance is a craft that only God can show you how to balance.

Speaking on a personal note, I sometimes feel indeed exhausted and frustrated. I wear the title of all of the positions that I have named above besides wife.

I giggle because if I added that, I think would it be MORE or LESS stressful!!!!!! Marriage can be a beautiful thing when you are with the right mate because a great deal of pressures in life that you MAY feel, can be released / shared with him or her.

Nonetheless,  I believe in the art of maintaining good relationships and will always be willing to work FOR them as well as AT them. I say *AT because some days it will be a trying of your Faith and the bond that has  been established between the parties *at hand!

Love,  communication and mutual respect has the power to change and fix things. …


Today –


TODAY……I am rich. These are my treasures: Time, Family, Friends, Health and Jesus Christ. My time is precious and gold. My family is priceless. My friends are diamonds. My Lord and Savior is the greatest wealth of all. TODAY, I am happy because the joy of the Lord is within me and this joy gives me courage and strength.

TODAY, I will not be worried. God is my Jehovah Jireh – He is my provider. He will supply all my needs according to His riches in heaven. I do not worry because worrying will only steal and rob me of my joy and strength. TODAY, I will give because it is more blessed to give than to receive. –


TODAY, “I can,” – I can do all things because the Lord gives me power and strength. What is impossible to men is possible with God. All things are possible with God on my side. I will do all things with Love for all my actions and words will only be for the glory of God. I will celebrate for TODAY is a precious gift. As much as possible, I will use each second of today to utter praises to God and I will dance like David danced.

TODAY and forever more…………….To God be all the glory!!! –

Helping Self...

A Good Radom –


The 1st step to embracing the new thing what God wants to do in your life is to …..  CHANGE YOUR FOCUS — QUIT LOOKING BEHIND START LOOKING HEAD
Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past……  If you are continually looking behind you cannot see where you are going….. If you are ever going to move on to new things in Christ you must learn that …

You Cannot Depend Upon Past Victories To Sustain You…. Forget the former things….

Application: The children of Israel had many victories in their past:
1. Leaving Egypt
2. Conquering the Land of Canaan
3. Fighting of prospective conquerors
4. Survived a split in their country

But now they are in captivity. All their previous victories were doing nothing to set them free. They needed a new work, a new miracle, a new victory….. The question isn’t what has God done –the question must be:
What is God doing in your life right now? What is it that you want Him to do in your life right now?

In order to move on to new things in Christ you must know that … You Cannot Allow Your Past Failures to Possess You … do not dwell on the past.


Single Mom Dating


Welp….. having several conversations with other Single Mothers like myself..  I am saddened in regards to why they think it is okay to SERIAL date when they have young children at home. Everyone that you meet is NOT a potential! !!

As women, even if YOU did NOT have any kids at home, you should STILL understand that bringing multiple men into your home. ..your palace…..your resting place…your kingdom. .. your Safe Place is OFF Limits…

The fact that I’m even blogging this is giving me a headache! However,  doing journals,  videos and blogging is VERY therapeutic to me..  so… that’s why I’m here! LOL


Ladies, I have been single and not have dated for YEARS and although I would LOVE to be married… my morals, values, stances, ethics AND beliefs arw more valuable to me….to just settle.

I have met a few nice guys over the years BUT I was able to discern and quickly discover that they wouldn’t be a good match. Having a prayer life, common sense, wisdom AND discernment surely does help with Life Choices!


Your child should not EVER be a casualty of war via your poor choices when it comes to relationships!!! Being a good husband is only half of the requirement…. I have an amazing son who needs a GENUINE CHRISTIAN LIVING -FATHER and that is NON- negotiable.

Love your CHILD enough to wait AND love yourself enough NOT to settle.

Helping Self...



My last few days!!! Life seems to always want to deal ME a great deal of curve balls……

However,  I not only know how to PLAY but I also know when….and how to duck!!! LOL

Its the CHRIST-mas holiday and I have such a spirit of gratefulness… gratitude etc…

Some things have gone a bit haywire BUT I still choose to press…  Even the leaders need to be encouraged in ministry. … Even the strong men AND women  who are considered movers….shakers STILL need encouragement.

Holding onto what God has promised us when we can’t see what we are waiting for…..gets us – should GET a person into position to turn on and ignite the Faith that they read about, teach about, preach about and proclaim to have!!!

Faith “it” until YOU make dit…whatever your “it” may be… Know that God wants us to Believe what HE said rather than what we see!!!