Longggg BUT Good Day


One word folks…… #Exhausted………. Nonetheless, Boy did God bless my mother AND I on today…….. Our last few weeks have been a bit ” challenging…. to say the least ” BUT we have managed to remain overcomers in Christ Jesus –


Oh it’s soo amazingly nice to be friends with people for years and you see each other off and off but when you do, its like YOU NEVER skipped a beat! Oh how I loved BOTH of these women of God…women of Virtue! Sis. Lorraine is a nice size piece of my past that gives me strength everytime that I see her – She is truly one of God’s special people…


I absolutely adore BOTH of these ladies and thank the Lord that they both have taught ME a multitude of things….

The mental blessings that I obtained on today has once again shifted me onto another path……

Gratefully Blogged…..


One thought on “Longggg BUT Good Day

  1. Phil Gayle_For Singles and Couples

    Love the way you keep reminding us all of the Blessings of family and friends.
    My mum is still over here in the UK before she goes back to Jamaica next week.
    It’s been a real blessing having her back over here, since she left over 2 years ago.

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