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I really had a great day today while at work – sounds weird huh!! It is not like I am working my DREAM JOB and loving it! LOL ……….However, there are perks that I do get “emotionally and spiritually” behind it.

Being a drug and alcohol counselor for almost 3 years has really given me a VERY different perspective on life…. dealing with their battles of depression and a long list of mental health issues or what I prefer to call “situations” is a task that you have to really CARE about instead of looking at it as a job.

Dealing with people who are apart of AA ( Alcohol Anonymous ) vs people who are apart of NA ( Narcotics Anonymous ) I would consider different – same “meeting concept” but different demons –

My OLD mindset was just in a black and white version of people who suffered in their addictive states…. It has its rewards but more often there is failure.Many patients are court-ordered and present problems and not seeking treatment. Many believe they don’t have a problem and are trying to beat the system. The money isn’t very good ( to my standards based on how much I give of MYSELF )………………but I do it to afford those who are serious about recovery the opportunity to learn about it in a safe environment…

Being honest… “at this moment”…….My rewards aren’t in money but in seeing people change the way they live despite having an incurable, and often fatal, condition. Sadly, more people die than live….

Nonetheless, where I work is a faith-based program and having the ability to have God “in the mix” does help!


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  1. addercatter

    Ahh… right you are about people in AA versus NA being two very different types. I used to be very involved in both communities when I worked for a drug testing facility. You have a very difficult job I’m sure. I remember very well what it was like. The lives you touch and make a difference to are the real, lasting rewards.

    1. A Woman and Her Pen! Post author

      Hey my sister!!! Happy Holidays to you.. Glad that you are alive AND well…. But via these communities, whew girl….it can really ve something. .. NA is more of a challenge. .. but I have been okay, just had one BAD client in three years.

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