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Listen, I am soooo saddened to hear about the passing of Africa’s FATHER – Black men and Black women’s HUMAN HERO ……….. one of my childhood…… pre – teen…..teen and adult hero……The one and ONLY – Mr. Nelson Mandela – I just heard that he passed 30 minutes ago and I am REALLY bothered…. I have been praying for him and screamed when I found out – My son Jared came running and asked me what was the matter  –

I said baby Nelson Mandela passed – he said what mom…for real… I said do you know who he is / who he was? He said yes mom, you told me about him several times like you do about other black leaders….. That made me feel so good that he not only remembered who this great man was ….but Jared also KNEW that with this man dying that it meant something for black men and women around the world……..  My heart really is hurt…. It makes me also think of my father because it indeed was the late Mr. Norris Coleman who taught me ALL about important political leaders…….



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  1. Invisible Mikey

    I’m sorry you’re hurting over Mr. Mandela’s death. I hope you can be comforted by the fact that he isn’t in discomfort any more. He was responsible for positive changes in his nation and in the world, and he accomplished much, but he had been unwell for years and was suffering. 95 years is a full lifetime for anyone I think. Peace be unto him.

    1. A Woman and Her Pen! Post author

      Yes the age that he was able to live to was indeed a major blessing! A death is never comfortable whether the person is sick….old etc. Especially when you honored AND respected them… I’m praying for his IMMEDIATE FAMILY … However what he meant to me….my own family…our history etc. he was my distant famy as well. Thanks soo much for your kind words!

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