One Accord “That’s All”


God is doing a NEW thing  is a slogan that you would hear in the church all of the time… BUT God is always doing “something”…. there is nothing new under the sun –

It blesses my heart when I see ” God’s men” who are being obedient and it shows… you can even smell it on them!

Running into people via fellowship and communicating the SAME language of Christ is indeed a blessing – God is calling forth a stretching from the body of Christ and only a mere few seem to be listening – Change is going to happen regardless if people obey or not…. God will indeed have His way but when like minded spirits connected and understand the voice of God, it indeed is a blessing.

I had spoken to my son about things of the spirit and tonight was another one of those moments…..I pray that God will continue to bless all of those that desire to walk up right before Him!

God is good –


2 thoughts on “One Accord “That’s All”

  1. Phil Gayle_For Singles and Couples

    Amen!…All we can do is continue to teach and share with the next generation.
    I hope that my six will quickly find their purpose and start to fulfil the perfect will of God for their lives, doing what they have been created to do.
    Have a great week Val. 🙂

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