My last few days!!! Life seems to always want to deal ME a great deal of curve balls……

However,  I not only know how to PLAY but I also know when….and how to duck!!! LOL

Its the CHRIST-mas holiday and I have such a spirit of gratefulness… gratitude etc…

Some things have gone a bit haywire BUT I still choose to press…  Even the leaders need to be encouraged in ministry. … Even the strong men AND women  who are considered movers….shakers STILL need encouragement.

Holding onto what God has promised us when we can’t see what we are waiting for…..gets us – should GET a person into position to turn on and ignite the Faith that they read about, teach about, preach about and proclaim to have!!!

Faith “it” until YOU make dit…whatever your “it” may be… Know that God wants us to Believe what HE said rather than what we see!!!



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