Single Mom Dating


Welp….. having several conversations with other Single Mothers like myself..  I am saddened in regards to why they think it is okay to SERIAL date when they have young children at home. Everyone that you meet is NOT a potential! !!

As women, even if YOU did NOT have any kids at home, you should STILL understand that bringing multiple men into your home. ..your palace…..your resting place…your kingdom. .. your Safe Place is OFF Limits…

The fact that I’m even blogging this is giving me a headache! However,  doing journals,  videos and blogging is VERY therapeutic to me..  so… that’s why I’m here! LOL


Ladies, I have been single and not have dated for YEARS and although I would LOVE to be married… my morals, values, stances, ethics AND beliefs arw more valuable to me….to just settle.

I have met a few nice guys over the years BUT I was able to discern and quickly discover that they wouldn’t be a good match. Having a prayer life, common sense, wisdom AND discernment surely does help with Life Choices!


Your child should not EVER be a casualty of war via your poor choices when it comes to relationships!!! Being a good husband is only half of the requirement…. I have an amazing son who needs a GENUINE CHRISTIAN LIVING -FATHER and that is NON- negotiable.

Love your CHILD enough to wait AND love yourself enough NOT to settle.