Relationships are essential and a blessing to have BUT takes a great deal of consistency to maintain.

Whether male or female, they basically are the SAME role reversals via being any or ALL of the following…….

Brother / Sister
Son / Daughter
Uncle / Aunt
Father / Mother

And of course we are all mentors, mentees, cousins and friends to many. All of positions take work and maintenance is a craft that only God can show you how to balance.

Speaking on a personal note, I sometimes feel indeed exhausted and frustrated. I wear the title of all of the positions that I have named above besides wife.

I giggle because if I added that, I think would it be MORE or LESS stressful!!!!!! Marriage can be a beautiful thing when you are with the right mate because a great deal of pressures in life that you MAY feel, can be released / shared with him or her.

Nonetheless,  I believe in the art of maintaining good relationships and will always be willing to work FOR them as well as AT them. I say *AT because some days it will be a trying of your Faith and the bond that has  been established between the parties *at hand!

Love,  communication and mutual respect has the power to change and fix things. …