Day 1 of 2014


There are many things to look forward to .. We should expect greatness… Live for it… Demand it.. Let those who feel sorry for themselves WITHOUT continued progress of trying to change and blame others ..sit and soak where they are….

The climb is already HIGH enough and HARD enough – if they are destined to be in your life they will CATCH UP as well as UNDERSTAND.  Plus, who needs extra weight anyway?
Be special, dont sette, make those around you better, lead by example, tough love is great believe it not… Some people are indeed just LATE BLOOMERS and others are already there – ( glad im already there )

In the meantime … it is VERY imperative to FIND your lane and then STAY in it!!!!! SO SERIOUS….. and then just try to cruise through it and enjoy it..

Drama free living – all things positive and glass with always viewing it as half full –  FIGHT to stay above the clouds regardless of how others may feel. Do you FOR ONCE – it is okay to put yourself first – because no one else will make you a major priority – However, do it with a smile and do not APOLOGIZE for loving you….