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Sometimes it’s the people closest to you that will put up the most resistance to your change. Don’t sell your dream out to someone else opinion, because God didn’t tell them he told you. Move forward, their feelings will catch up to your decisions later….and if not, it won’t matter anyway.

Confidence and inner trust are one and the same in the emotional state. Confidence is your ability to cope and depend upon yourself to create a reality that is dependable. If you don’t have confidence, you will create a reality that you cannot depend upon.

Trust and acceptance – which go hand in hand, are the most powerful tools you have, the most potent energy available to you. When you have confidence – or, trust, within you, it produces a positive energy that stills doubt, worry, fear and negative expectations. It has a profound effect on you and others.

Just think what would happen, if you trusted all your choices and accepted all your decisions – you would be successful in just about everything you do. If you don’t trust yourself, you don’t trust others.

If you don’t trust yourself, it shows up in others. In other words, you attract people and situations that you cannot trust.  Others accept when you know what you are and do is valuable.

The reason you don’t trust in yourself and your power, the reason you don’t accept your talents, gifts and abilities like imagination, free will, self love, is because you learned not to trust, not to accept. The reason you don’t trust yourself is because it’s a learned emotion, but the actions of others should not affect you.

Now – you must change it. Transmute it, reverse it. Go the opposite – and choose to trust, decide to accept.This is how you get trust and acceptance into your life again.

If you do not trust and accept yourself and your power, you will not share with your human self the elements that produce oneness and success, you will not let it in.

It’s an issue of lack of self value, lack of self worth and lack of self esteem. You will never allow yourself to be, do, or have what you truly need and desire in life, unless you value yourself. Like I tell my clients at work AND EVEN My Own Girl -Pals -Friends – you just have to eventually STOP IT………… STOP killing yourself LITERALLY with all of that negativity..

It has gotten them NO WHERE and in a complaining STATE OF MIND in which no one REALLY wants to be around them and share in there company anymore BUT everyone is being TOO NICE to tell them –

Well – honey I believe in telling the truth that will HURT you in the beginning but HEAL you in the end!


3 thoughts on “Today’s Random

  1. addercatter

    Wow V, God is really using you to convey some important messages to me (and others). The amount of wisdom in the past few posts I’ve read here is infinite!!! 🙂

      1. addercatter

        I’m doing well for the most part. Just got back from a little trip so I’m tired and sore. I can’t complain too much though, I knew I’d have to pay for it and it was worth it! Yea God!!!

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