Family Love Random –


We always get things from people without knowing it. Many will deny this but unconsciously we all do. If we love someone for who they are, you may feel a warm glow for just being around them. You love to make them feel good as you believe that they have a perfect personalities etc. You love that feeling so you are there with them. YOU are getting something out of it.  If you love someone for what they give you then you love them for what they give.  However I think everyone agree that first one is or could be more of a substantial relationship.

If I only loved others for what they gave me instead of for who they are then I would have stopped loving loads of people in my life by now, and that’s not the case. They should be loved for who they are but also for how they are with you too. As you get older you don’t waste your time as much on selfish people.

It is hurtful to continue to love that which hurts you so although many continue to love those that are bad for them, I think maturity changes your view and makes you more discriminating with your love.

Family is the toughest one, that you want to love them, but some are just bad, and prove it to you over and over again. That’s just almost too painful when it happens and you just wish you never had any feelings for them at all, but you do.

THAT IS WHERE CHRIST comes into play……… – I can do ALL things through Christ –