Amazing Story Line….BUT


Where do I literally start when talking about this movie with Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin!!!!! Go see this!

I mean this story line was sooo well done and  believable that I really could see how it ALL transpired. ….

Do you want to know how many times that I ……

1. Said awwwwww…..
2. Thought of my ownself
3. Felt so much love
4.  TOTALLY understood her!
5. Wondered ….about MY LIFE
6. Thought of the movie, Eat Pray Love
7. Cried inside
8. Connected with her son
9. Hoped for a happy endig
10. Felt discombobulated

There’s way MORE things that I could surely list BUT I’m already super duper emotionally charged after seeing this awesomeness of a movie!!!

Overall, it made me think about tbings on an EMOTIONAL level and yes, the HUMAN TOUCH is indeed essentially needed.

Remember love God and love people!@