Forgiveness is in The Air –

“When a deep injury is done to us, we never recover until we forgive.” -Alan Paton


As you are going through the various stages of healing yourself after the end of a relationship; ESPECIALLY when it comes to your own family members……many people stumble when trying to get through this very crucial stage: Learning to forgive.

Depending on your circumstances, forgiveness may seem impossible to you right now. You’ve probably endured a lot of heartache and pain while going through this process and the blame and or guilt that you may be experiencing (if it applies to you ) can keep you stuck from moving forward. A great deal of times, people will hurt you and whole you are waiting for that I am sorry – you could be using that VALUABLE TIME to heal.


Whether you blame the other person or have guilt and you beat  yourself up over it, learning to forgive will put you on the right path. It will be a gift you give to yourself. Even though you may not feel capable of forgiveness right now; the sooner you do this…the sooner you will…let go for good. You have to learn how to forgive the other person. But…first…you have to forgive yourself!

From what? For HOPING – WISHING – PRAYING that things could be different….better! That is MY PRAYER –