Friday’s Random –

Hope is something that doesn’t come to you or provided to you by something. It is something which you develop yourself within you. So what…. If the tasks you are pursuing have lost all hopes. You have to develop hope within yourself, and have to give hope to that task too…

Hope is developed in various ways. For instance just think “Has there been any situation in your life so far where you haven’t survived?”

There hasn’t. Think! Unless and until it’s a life threatening situation, so why can’t now?

Just strictly concentrate on the present moment and deal with it moment by moment. Your mind will definitely drift you to your future about how will your life be and etc. but it’s ONLY you who have control this. When one problem of your present will be solved you will gain a little confidence and go on to the next. Never think that you have lost hope

Tough situations make you mentally strong. Indeed I know – and also, never think that Survival is just mere existence. Don’t you want to do more than just float around in life – don’t you desire to discover your purpose?

That’s where you can lose “Hope”. Survival is more than that. If you have Hope in Life, You Live [not Survive] and if you have no hope in Life then You Learn How to Live Again [not Survive] Survive has a negative connotation attached to it.