F.Y.I. To All Servants –


Servants don’t advertise. You’ll never see anybody with a sign up, “Quiet, servant at work.” People don’t put that on their resume; they don’t put that on their business card. It’s not popular to advertise yourself if you’re a servant.

Servants don’t advertise. In fact, you don’t even know they are around until they are gone. Then suddenly you can’t find the things that you need from the people that has ALWAYS been there to aid you.  From copies, to helping you with your kids, to working at church, to picking you up from school, you can’t find your papers, there is nobody to fix the coffee, there is nobody to water the plants, to make phone calls, there is nobody to remember the birthdays, there is nobody to do all that stuff that you just took for granted. Where is someone to help? Where is everyone at? I NEED HELP!! ( LOL )

You don’t miss a servant until they are gone. You don’t realize what you had until they are no longer here. the Year of the Servant. A good theme verse is “I am among you as one who serves.” One of our goals in LIFE should be  to develop a servant’s spirit.

To be honest, servants are unusual people. You find servants in unusual places. Then we discovered that servants will do unusual and unlikely things. Lastly, the fact that servant hood begins at home. If you are going to be a servant, you can’t just talk about it on Sunday morning. It is going to touch your life as a mother, father, husband, wife, brother, sister, child or parent.