The Spirit of Pride –

Pride ………….. It Works in many subtle ways within the body of Christ. It gives a false feeling of peace and well-being. You may feel growth, peace, and comfort, but Leviathan gives false gifts and false worship. Jesus, the very image of the Father, stood for humility. Without humility, love and submission become only hollow words. Pride prevents obedience to God. Humbling ourselves in the sight of the Lord is the very key to any form of exaltation.

Matthew 11:29 I am meek and lowly of heart.


THE SPIRIT OF PRIDE/LEVIATHAN IN YOUR LEADERSHIP: Father of the Children of Pride Leviathan flops on and over the church like a wet smothering blanket stopping revelation from coming into the house of God when this level of pride is in your leadership. The breath doesn’t exist in this church. One of the focusing objectives of this spirit is to stop deliverance and deliverance ministries. When Leviathan is in your leadership, you can pray deliverance over people and nothing happens. Leaders don’t feel like ministering deliverance and others don’t feel like they need any deliverance. This spirit is also one of the reasons why miracles, signs and wonders are not taking place in our churches. You will also find people experiencing sleepiness in service, or difficulty in reading the word of God. The only way this spirit will be defeated in a church is by way of the LEADERSHIP REPENTING and Humbling themselves.

Thanks MD Hester!