Today Still Counts – Right?

YESTERDAY- marked the anniversary of the invasion of Islamic Terrorists on our “land of the free AND home of the rave” United States Territory on September 11th

YESTERDAY -A great deal of people had posts on social media sites, all of the news stations had coverage, people were discussing this in general conversation and of course it made the front cover of several magazines.

Well that is my whole point – ALL of these things and more transpired on YESTERDAY…….Now that TODAY is September 12th – the atmosphere with the ” WE SHALL NEVER FORGET ” hash-tags, sayings, slogans and even bumper stickers have quickly and clearly left and remains as an AFTERTHOUGHT to those were not personally affected –

Well today is September 12th and I AM STILL REMEMBERING the people and families affected by this horrific event that had “TEMPORARILY” united and brought all Americans together – God Bless