Remembering – ” Him Daily”

What are your daily priorities in life? Brushing your teeth: brushing your hair, showering, putting on your best outfit of the day etc..etc.. These are some simple priorities and most of the time it comes ever so natural to us – part of our daily routine right?

Welp, God longs to be a part of our everyday routine as well. By being involved in church, the activities or group that are offered there, reading our Bible everyday and praying is a great way to have Christ a part of our daily routines –

If we start our day with HIM when we are in the process of ending our days, it will be less stressful – (try it) The moral of the story is that we can honor God with hour head, heart and hands, but it is up to us to decided whether or not we are going to.

Don’t honor everything and everyone else and disregard Christ –