Hollywood and Christianity –

You know that I am indeed a movie buff – I went and saw the movie called The Judge and it BLEW my socks off – I cried…and laughed and pinched even my own self – There is a part in the movie when they are dealing with cancer and there is “the bathroom scene” ….. MY GOD – I immediately FELL a part because it brought back SO MANY memories with my mom and I helping my dad… UGGGGHHHH … If you get a chance, please go see it!

With all of the movies based upon Christianity that have been coming out – It would be NICE to feel that Hollywood has “found the light” in regards to accepting Christ and RESPECTING His role in history…… However, we know that is not fully the case! LOL – Hollywood has seen that being a Christian can make you money besides killing, showing sex scenes, men having potty mouths and little girls stripping on the poles throughout America!

“Jesus Christ” is the new “IT THING / PERSON”  in society so those who surely do not believe are for making a buck off of the Cross ..His Cross…. Nonetheless – I CANT WAIT UNTIL THIS MOVIE CALLED EXODUS COMES OUT!