Today’s Random –

wpid-20140603_152249.jpgTime to contemplate on our life, Our experiences and our choices past;
Time to look back, and reflect on what we have learned Without fear or confusion.

For only each of us knows our own personal thoughts; Our unique past and personal history;
The experiences that brought us to the crossroads we now face.

We can always learn a small degree from others experiences, And yet … no one person can walk in our shoes, Others know not, the trials and tribulations faced in private …

For each is individual … unique … and personal. And that is why … while standing at a crossroads,
Only “we” can formulate the decision for ourselves; The true direction that lies within;
The choices we must deliberate on with clarity and wisdom.

For it is only through personal reflection, That we can now choose our destiny;
… Our next adventure; … And the future we will embrace.