Marching and Protesting –

Many may not like this but I must share it: (Hester)

I am the FIRST to admit that 2 of my kids over the years HAVE NOT been NOWHERE near the AMERICAN DREAM………and I am still praying for them to see God’s way and not my way.

However, If your children have no respect for you at home, Regardless, if the reason is that they have outside influences from other people, other adults from the mother’s or father’s side, etc..etc..etc.. We must STILL protest that spirit at home first before you protest in the streets.

If your children don’t respect authority/elders this may be the reason why they have no respect for other authorities and you should lay on your floor and cry out to God at home, before you lay in the streets.

If you have absolutely no relationship with the BLACK COMMUNITY when they’re walking in error don’t jump on the band wagon to support anything you haven’t done at home first.

Lastly, before we can stand, lay in the streets, chant warnings and declarations – WE MUST START LOOKING EACH OTHER IN THE FACE FIRST with the same CHANTS, WARNINGS and DECLARATION!

Buy your teenager a t-shirt that says “I WILL NOT LISTEN TO EVIL MUSIC”
Buy your family a t-shirt that says “I CAN’T BREATHE” (to help you quit smoking)
Throw your hands up to GOD and surrender to him before throwing your hands up repeating “Don’t Shoot”.

No Justice, No Peace??????? Some of our HOMES are the very reasons why our community is JACKED UP, but we’re marching…..