An Encouragement to My SON!!!!


My son was selected to become of a Junior Medical Program last year and has been doing very well. It is a program that targets African American young males who have a desire to work in the medical field. To become accepted, they have to EXCEL in Math and Science – I advise my son DAILY that although he has bad days in which he misses his father being a consistent force in his life – he can STILL become someone powerful, strong, courageous, gifted and blessed in spite of.

I never tell my son that I understands how he feels because not only do I know, my son also knows that I had my father in my life – my father spent so much time with him that my son called him dad as well. When we are speaking of my late father, may he rest in peace, we BOTH still talk in 3rd person and call him dad.

Nonetheless, as we sit here and I help him put together his Power Point presentation that he has to do this Saturday in front of parents, his peers and a host of black male and female doctors – we came across this video and he smiled so hard that it blessed US BOTH!  It was a reminder of all of the conversations that I have had with him telling him that he is already somebody no matter who is present in his life consistently or not – This was a nice reminder for him as he prepares to speak in front of a room full of intelligent people……JUST LIKE HIM!!!