imageKids are human beings that God allowed to be formed and brought into this world “as He” sees fit. He allows the children to be placed with designated parents so that they can experience a process that NO ONE understands until they indeed are in it….apart of it.

Then throughout life, everyone understands that in their own time…and in their own way that LIFE is something that is NOT hard but it is the choices that we make that sway LIFE….
imageIt is as kids grow that they have to realize that they are no longer those babies that they once were and accountability is waiting for them…. sometimes accountability is patient and sometimes it is not.
imageNonetheless, Kids are always learning and growing and ONLY society depicts when a KID turns into an ADULT… However, as a mom…. my heart will always view my kids as kids.. BUT I have the wisdom to allow them to fly and venture out…

It is nice that KIDS can come to you and know that “it is safe” to be a kid in your arms and you will not judge them..
imageI am 41 years old and …” I too”…. play with, laugh with….talk to and cry in my Mother’s arms.. then after she gives me what I need as well as what I want… She sends me on my merry way..

It is nice to be A KID – when time permits it…


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  1. A Letter To Women...

    This is a pretty good article! Kids are the little people that are always loving and always forgiving…. unlike adults lol! It is our job as parents (when our kids are young) to raise them up in and around love. So that they can know what real love is and continue to show love when they are older. The bible says to train them up….

  2. A Woman and Her Pen! Post author

    Thank you kindly for your comments… Yes indeed… kids can be VERY interesting people… I am always asking God to assist me in doing my part the RIGHT way…it is hard sometimes because of the choices that I may see as well as EXPERIENCE my kids doing…

    the path (s) are upsetting at times… Nonetheless, but God!! Whew, it does NOT feel good MOST OF THE TIME when it is working ( God is working ) but I know that it is working for my good…my kids family’s good.. YIKES.. #learning #someMORE #whew #2015

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