Happy Birthday Daddy


Listen, yesterday was MY DADDY’S birthday and I am so glad to have had the chance and honor to spend LIFE with him –

He passed 7 years ago and this is the VERY FIRST year that I was NOT hiding up under some rock!!

It is indeed an amazing feeling – I feel so free to enjoy March 25th and smile …laugh…eat ice cream.. crack jokes.. watch movies all while STILL thinking of my great father –

I can say a million and ONE things about him and really wish that he could be here to hear them…. which is something that he was used to – me giving him honor, love, respect, admiration and his FLOWERS everyday –

Love on the people in your life as much as you can – for those who STILL have their parents with them – you should try to work out whatever is going on –

Trust me… I do understand that there are some circumstances that are “a bit special” so I am not here to judge anyone but the people that you have CHOSEN to be included in your life

do better –

do something different

re evaluate and create beautiful relationships with friends and family and LIVE YOUR LIFE –

don’t cheat YOURSELF or them out of the amazing love and happiness that can come from it

If you have any doubts – then you are the one with the problem –

Daddy Joe….. as what I so affectionately called you… I thank you for molding me into a male version of you………..

I mean seriously… because you AND mommy have raised a strong woman!! #parenthood  #dad #parentsRock