By Definition……………..

By definition, a FATHER is someone who conceived the child: but many have unfortunately experienced,…… the FATHER doesn’t always stick around…. Some bolt before the child is born…..Some bolt in the early years… some bolt in the teenage years….some bolt as soon as they have the chance….

To say the least…its a sad reality that many grow p without a father…but not every abandoned child….regardless MALE OR FEMALE grows up without a positive role model…

Therefore… FATHER’S DAY should indeed be called “DAD’S DAY”…. The main difference between a father and a dad is that the father is biological: HOWEVER – a dad’s relationship is emotional and ATTACHED to the child with a genuine bond being established no matter how close or far away either party may be…

Dad is someone who actively and consistently PARTICIPATES in the child’s growth, development and maturity process…”DADDY”… a term of affection….endearment…familiarity…. Fathering is merely an act out of NATURE and what the bible talked about being fruitful and multiply. ( that is not the only definition of fruitful / multiple ) but we can discuss that in a later post….

Adding that it is much easier to become a father and many do it even unintentionally: however, it is also much harder to COMMITT to becoming a DAD…. DAD’S a leader, provides affection, and caring with balanced strong guidance..and of course will do whatever is necessary to make sure all the natural and spiritual things are met..Then grant some of the wants and needs as well based off of behavior and their ability to obey and have discipline under their tutelage.

A FATHER could have potential to be a great DAD…it all depends on many different factors…choices…but to make it plain…. – IT IS A CHOICE of the PARENT….Children do not / did not ask to be created nor birthed…

I indeed honor those DAD’S who are just simply THERE…..who chose to stay through ANY type of “personal” hardships etc… Yes, I say personal because it is!! Kids don’t have nothing to do with what you go through on a daily basis..!

>>No HONOR/ respect >> No PEACE via ANY relationship!

I am so grateful that I had a FATHER and a DAD……My son and I both miss him tremendously….