How I Feel …..


We are soft and feminine,Pretty and stylish,We are strong in heart,We keep going on and on,We persevere…

Women are dependable,Loving, and caring,We keep our men going, When times are rough, We are very tough….

There are all kinds off beautiful women In the world…
All shapes and sizes, Different personalities, We make up a good Part of the world,

We go through a lot, We get the worst end, of breakups and heartache….
We get the emotional baggage, The periods, the cramps, But that is only a fraction of who we are…

We can be anyone we want!…We’re independent, We can be doctors, Lawyers, teachers…
Journalists, surgeons, Accountants, soldiers, The world is our oyster, And we are the pearls..

Love fills our souls, We are so full of life, We shine like diamonds, In the night sky,
We may rise and fall, But through it all, We stand up TALL and with our NEW HEIGHT…we make history!