I Won”t Lie –

14 Questions You Might Have as You Start Bingeing 'Orange Is the New Black' Season 3

I  L – O – V- E  this show…………. there, I said it!! LOL

Orange is The New Black is something that I thought that I would NEVER allow my eyes to view….BUT – a few months ago – I started BINGE watching television shows….

Then I saw this…I saw hmm..let me see – well honey this show is actually good – funny – sad – surreal and true ALL at the same time! Putting real life on television but making it funny while adding a SERIOUS twist to it…makes good TV.

1. This is a REAL prison and basing the stories off of real inmates but changed names and added to storyline

2. Funny because these women say the weirdest things and have some very crazy – I mean interesting viewpoints

3. Good because it shows a variety of women’s lives and how their choices placed them where they are

4.Surreal because I have come across people like this in my lifetime and feel bad because I judged them

5. Sad indeed because most of them are in jail behind a relationship! UGGHHH I said to myself – WOW

Everyone did not grow up the same way and you NEVER know what really goes on inside someone else’s house LET ALONE what goes on inside someone else’s mind……due to how they grew up and have experienced negatively.

Game of Thrones is yet ANOTHER show that I fell in love with – I am not shocked because I love this era of history but how the show was marketed a few years ago, surely did NOT catch my interest…but now!!! I need prayer because I am FURIOUS that the season is over!

Talk about having an addiction….GEESH!!  By the way people…LOOSEN UP I am still a BIBLE believer! HA…HA..