Inventors –


What is an inventor? Well anyone who discovers the creation of something NEW – would sum it up for me right?

So whether it came from

a moment

a person

a place

a thing

That caused your mind to bring out something NEW in yourself / for yourself that produced growth – has made you an INVENTOR my dear! We invent things actually ALL the time within ourselves, our relationships etc. How we deal with OUR OWN CREATIONS is another thing.

So be careful the things that you CHOOSE to invent are productive for your mind, body, soul and spirit..


2 thoughts on “Inventors –

  1. ElderRT (@destinylegacy_c)

    Blessings V.D.!

    I was ferreting through old FB inboxes and saw inspiring words from you. Belinda E. Oliver & myself conceded that you’re terribly missed on FB. LOL
    You’re doing an awesome job.

    Peace to You,

    1. A Woman and Her Pen! Post author

      Hi!!!! OMG…it has been forever!! I miss hearing feom you and i am so humbled that you reached out and found little old ME… Belinda found me on a different social site and it was a pleasure to hear from her just as it is from you! Please do keep in touch and I do NOT take you reaching out in vain. God bless you my friend!!

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