A Piece of MY Joy

Family is VERY integral to a person’s overall happiness!

However…….FAMILY does NOT always mean by way of genealogy / bloodline.

 I have 3 AMAZING kids but 2 has temporarily lost their way and I’m praying for their consistency in their own lives… After that is in motion, they can see the reality of what needs to be done to maintain the right Godly relationships in their lives..

So parents, DON’T give up your loved ones (doesn’t have to be bloodline ) but especially your children. 

Take a stand, distance yourself in ways that are healthy and just wait patiently and CONTINUE living your OWN life.

A Piece of MY joy is knowing that God is in control and know the plans that need to transpire. Also, God also gives us ALL our own power to choose!! 

Therefore, NO excuses in people’s actions!