Bonding With My Teenager

Parents have an awesome opportunity to FILL their children with things that can assist them to be a great individual. I am blessed EVERYDAY that the good Lord allows me to nurture, mold, raise / rear and love on this son of mine!!

We bond so much when we are at the beach – he LOVES any and everything that has to do with  W – A – T – E – R!!  Just seeing how WE BOTH have grown in the things of God and just fought to be better people takes work…   I just don’t tell my son what to do.. I feel that it is JUST AS IMPORTANT to show him what to do….and also WHY!

Talking with your child can open up many dialogues that you may not ever obtain in this day and age. I have started the HARD CONVERSATIONS with my son since he was about 8 years old and it is one the BEST THING that I could have done.

This boy shares a great deal with me and some days I DO CRINGE … but thank God that he feels comfortable enough with his Mom to even share! I love God for gracing me with my son to share this life with to the fullest. He is NOT a Mamma’s Boy and that is something that I TAKE PRIDE IN!! LOL …..My dad would be extremely proud of that!