Tonight’s Moments

Moments are just those little situations that happen in our lives that can make us smile or cry…. experience defeat OR triumph!!

We have the power to control ONLY ourselves and that can be either a big pill to swallow or mind boggling to even comprehend….when we are ALL so intrinsically involved with sever things and people…

We can feel that our moment is NOT inly our moment but also a beaten path of things we DID NOT feel that we deserved in 1 second…..

Then the NEXT, trying to understand why God blessed us beyond meausre with so much happiness that AGAIN….we feel we DID NOT deserve…..

Bottom line- that’s what Grace and Mercy can be summed up as….

Nonetheless, moments are the things which impact our lives …which then creates emotions that are uplifting or damaging…..

Ultimately…we decide how to manage these moments in time….and PRAY 4 the bedy.