Friday’s Short Message

Long story short……we have to REALLY understand that God doesnt NEED our help! We have to trust Him and not use gimmicks OR any type of devices thinking our BRIGHT IDEAS will triumph over His will.

We have to learn that when God gives us instructions that HE knows what is best🖒…….  Because TRUTH be told- the MORE that we try to ASSIT God ……. the more we are delaying our PROCESS to move forward and enjoy LIFE💘❤


Weight Loss Drama

Taking care of your body is so necessary but also so hard at times! Headed to the gym with a huge SMILE on face BUT a bigger one within my heart!!

Im NOT struggling or depressed about body image- HOWEVER😉 I do desire to get these VERY unwanted pounds back off of me as soon as possible!! 

Like almost EVERYTHING elsr in this temporary world that i reside in…..This is yet another thing that I do have to fight for! 👊👊 

Im praying with GREAT anticipation that God will assist me in losing 5o pounds❤❤