Much Appreciation




Oh wow- did I so REALLY enjoy myself being apart of the baptism service at youth❤️❤️❤️

Kids today seem to have MORE fire 🔥 urgency – boldness – than I’ve seen in a very long time…

In this day and age when they could CHOOSE to be anywhere especially during the summer- they choose to be at CHURCH ⛪ and it’s a beautiful thing 👏👏🎉🎊💕👌

I videotaped the whole thing of course and it was soooooo hilarious 😂 at the end of the night because my son walked over to get baptized as well and people’s faces were like “omg are you serious”.. and saying things like.. umm hey – I thought you were baptized already??

The Youth Pastor ACTUALLY even said – hey Jared .. “Are you good bro?” 😂😂😂 Because you see- my son is a leader there and has been operating in “some of his gifts 🎁 and talents” for the last 2 years ..

So when he said- yes I’ve been baptized before but I’m in a NEW season of my life right now and I want MY YOUTH PASTOR to baptize me- everyone cheered in the room! 😂😂😂🎉👏💕🎈🍿

I still thought it was hilarious but also very wise and honorably done that my son’s mindset even thought of that!

Told you I have a special son!