Blog Topics

All of my topics will ALWAYS ONLY be about the things that bother me and the things that I love…. What else is there to actually blog about? If you go to any blogs – you will see that the topics are about things that make people upset and the things that people actually indeed love and care about……

It is my goal to give a good BALANCE to my topics but sometimes it is not always the case…..

My Blog Topics boil down to …

POLITICS – it makes the world go round, straight and up and down! LOL ( dont be so ignorant that you feel that it is not needed )

FAMILY – regardless if we want the ones that we have or not – we must find ways to deal with them ( family does not always mean blood either )

RELATIONSHIPS – manage the good ones and get rid of the bad ones ( learn from them all )

SINGLE PARENTING – not the best way to raise a well rounded child but it happens in this life that we live in ( do what you can without losing yourself )

CHURCH – it is meant to be a hospital but sometimes end up being a morgue ( do things unto God and let man take its own ride )

Those things are major aspects of who I am …..also they are major topics that have molded me into having GOOD qualities as well as a few BAD ones.


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