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Understanding Vegan Types –


The difference between a vegan and a vegetarian is that a vegan eliminates all animal products from his or her diet, including dairy. Those following a vegan lifestyle generally do not wear leather and avoid products made from animals such as wool, silk and down. Vegans’ tremendous humanity for animals is an abiding, overriding conviction in their lives.

 Vegetarians do not eat meat, fish or poultry, but may from time to time eat dairy products such as cheese, eggs, yogurt or milk. Vegetarians are not as predictable in their beliefs, as there are many reasons to become vegetarian that don’t necessarily include altruism as a primary motive. For example, many vegetarians have eliminated meat for the sake of their health or just other personal but simple reasons. As far as health is concerned – I am VERY ANEMIC ( low blood levels ) and it is a MUST that I ENDURE chicken, fish and red meat on occasion.


Now eating chicken to me does not make me gag ( most times ) but I must get a high dosage of protein and iron due to my body levels. Therefore, eating chicken in varied ways 2 to 3 days a week is something that I must do and I mix it up in salads or pastas etc. so it is not a killer –


I have NOT eaten red meat in over 20 years until like 2 years ago – my doctor said that I needed to be admitted for an emergency iron infusion. I am like huh – what is that etc. Iron pills is not enough so I MUST eat a small portion of red meat EVERY WEEK! How do I do this you may say – I psych my mind up to find previous dishes that my father used to make and go to a RESTAURANT where I know that they will make it edible. I do not cook red meat so me trying to make something would cause me to BARF like I have done plenty other times.

In fact, there are a great many people lumped into the group of vegetarian. Lacto-vegetarians will eat dairy, but not eggs. Ovo-vegetarians will eat eggs, but not dairy. Lacto-ovo vegetarians will eat eggs and dairy products. The reasons for these choices are varied and based on individual beliefs. In some cases they are based on moral choices, and in others on dietary needs or simple preference.  Octo-vegatarians ( WHERE I FALL ) prefer not to eat meat and only eat what is necessary for the sake of their health and nothing more or less. However, they do enjoy the pleasures of dairy products and nuts.


Nonetheless, you would be shocked to see how pleasant vegan food actually is! Think of a huge Thanksgiving feast – I EAT ALL OF THE SIDES but do not touch the meat –

It is indeed all of the “side items” that really make everyone so full and stuffed during the holidays!!


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Music is Healing –


Music has long been used as a healing remedy – there are accounts of the healing powers of music in the Bible. The Ancient Greek also believed in music as a healer – Apollo was the god of music and healing. Instances are recorded of the beneficial effects of certain types of music on anxiety and depression. It is often used with forms of therapy to induce a sensation of calm.

There is no doubting the powerfully emotive effect of music, which can marshal men to battle, soften rage into affection and romance, calm torment and, conversely, cause intense emotional suffering by means of its exquisite beauty. It has been used since time immemorial to induce all these states of mind; and also to heal disorders of the body, mind and spirit.

Music has long been used as a healing remedy – there are accounts of the healing powers of music in the Bible. The Ancient Greek also believed in music as a healer – Apollo was the god of music and healing. ( DON’T GO CRAZY – I am still a JESUS Follower – just sharing some ancient history! )

Instances are recorded of the beneficial effects of certain types of music on anxiety and depression. It is often used with forms of therapy to induce a sensation of calm: for example, on relaxation tapes; and may be played in meditation. It plays an important part in dance therapy, where the combine effects of music and movement release inner turmoil and conflicts.

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F.Y.I. To All Servants –


Servants don’t advertise. You’ll never see anybody with a sign up, “Quiet, servant at work.” People don’t put that on their resume; they don’t put that on their business card. It’s not popular to advertise yourself if you’re a servant.

Servants don’t advertise. In fact, you don’t even know they are around until they are gone. Then suddenly you can’t find the things that you need from the people that has ALWAYS been there to aid you.  From copies, to helping you with your kids, to working at church, to picking you up from school, you can’t find your papers, there is nobody to fix the coffee, there is nobody to water the plants, to make phone calls, there is nobody to remember the birthdays, there is nobody to do all that stuff that you just took for granted. Where is someone to help? Where is everyone at? I NEED HELP!! ( LOL )

You don’t miss a servant until they are gone. You don’t realize what you had until they are no longer here. the Year of the Servant. A good theme verse is “I am among you as one who serves.” One of our goals in LIFE should be  to develop a servant’s spirit.

To be honest, servants are unusual people. You find servants in unusual places. Then we discovered that servants will do unusual and unlikely things. Lastly, the fact that servant hood begins at home. If you are going to be a servant, you can’t just talk about it on Sunday morning. It is going to touch your life as a mother, father, husband, wife, brother, sister, child or parent.

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Friday’s Random –

Hope is something that doesn’t come to you or provided to you by something. It is something which you develop yourself within you. So what…. If the tasks you are pursuing have lost all hopes. You have to develop hope within yourself, and have to give hope to that task too…

Hope is developed in various ways. For instance just think “Has there been any situation in your life so far where you haven’t survived?”

There hasn’t. Think! Unless and until it’s a life threatening situation, so why can’t now?

Just strictly concentrate on the present moment and deal with it moment by moment. Your mind will definitely drift you to your future about how will your life be and etc. but it’s ONLY you who have control this. When one problem of your present will be solved you will gain a little confidence and go on to the next. Never think that you have lost hope

Tough situations make you mentally strong. Indeed I know – and also, never think that Survival is just mere existence. Don’t you want to do more than just float around in life – don’t you desire to discover your purpose?

That’s where you can lose “Hope”. Survival is more than that. If you have Hope in Life, You Live [not Survive] and if you have no hope in Life then You Learn How to Live Again [not Survive] Survive has a negative connotation attached to it.

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A Simple Tuesday Tip


Being kind is a way of living that keeps giving long after the kind thoughts, words, and actions have taken place. Kindness is a force without force, and it goes well beyond manners to the very heart of how people respect and treat one another.

Being kind is a vital way of making our own lives, and the lives of others, meaningful. Being kind allows us to communicate better with others, be more self-compassionate, and also be a positive force in other people’s lives.

Kindness has its true source deep within you, and while some people are innately kind, it’s something that everyone can cultivate by choice

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Forgiveness is in The Air –

“When a deep injury is done to us, we never recover until we forgive.” -Alan Paton


As you are going through the various stages of healing yourself after the end of a relationship; ESPECIALLY when it comes to your own family members……many people stumble when trying to get through this very crucial stage: Learning to forgive.

Depending on your circumstances, forgiveness may seem impossible to you right now. You’ve probably endured a lot of heartache and pain while going through this process and the blame and or guilt that you may be experiencing (if it applies to you ) can keep you stuck from moving forward. A great deal of times, people will hurt you and whole you are waiting for that I am sorry – you could be using that VALUABLE TIME to heal.


Whether you blame the other person or have guilt and you beat  yourself up over it, learning to forgive will put you on the right path. It will be a gift you give to yourself. Even though you may not feel capable of forgiveness right now; the sooner you do this…the sooner you will…let go for good. You have to learn how to forgive the other person. But…first…you have to forgive yourself!

From what? For HOPING – WISHING – PRAYING that things could be different….better! That is MY PRAYER –