Bonding With My Teenager

Parents have an awesome opportunity to FILL their children with things that can assist them to be a great individual. I am blessed EVERYDAY that the good Lord allows me to nurture, mold, raise / rear and love on this son of mine!!

We bond so much when we are at the beach – he LOVES any and everything that has to do with  W – A – T – E – R!!  Just seeing how WE BOTH have grown in the things of God and just fought to be better people takes work…   I just don’t tell my son what to do.. I feel that it is JUST AS IMPORTANT to show him what to do….and also WHY!

Talking with your child can open up many dialogues that you may not ever obtain in this day and age. I have started the HARD CONVERSATIONS with my son since he was about 8 years old and it is one the BEST THING that I could have done.

This boy shares a great deal with me and some days I DO CRINGE … but thank God that he feels comfortable enough with his Mom to even share! I love God for gracing me with my son to share this life with to the fullest. He is NOT a Mamma’s Boy and that is something that I TAKE PRIDE IN!! LOL …..My dad would be extremely proud of that!




Bday and Valentines LOVE

I could NOT have been blessed with a more amazing Valentine’s Day….. Yes, I hung out with friends, girl pals and even some family.. but this SPECIAL PERSON had really placed a smile on my face….

My son is indeed the APPLE of my eye!! Mom, women aren’t supposed to pump gas and other things if a MAN is around! I am thanking God for allowing me to have 2 parents that showed me the things of life…. because I surely passed them down. My daddy, RIP ( Norris Coleman) especially showed me what men are to do AND not to do –

Son: Mom tell me what you want from me and I will buy it or do it

Me: Aww baby, you are already doing it – being a good Christian boy and I thank God 4 you

Son: Thanks mom but for real, I want to take care of you

Me: GIGGLE… Jared my love – you have been ever since you were in my stomach!!

Son: Well Here Mom, here is a start……

Me: I’m crying because he spent his piggy bank money on me to show me he loves his mommy!

Dear Lord, thank you for true Godly inheritance….


MORE Parenting Stuff – TMP


Proverbs says, Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child, BUT the rod of correction will drive it far from him. Every child is born into this world full of “ME”, you will have to train that foolishness out of their hearts.

God never told us to be a friend to our children, He did however tell us to train them in principles from His Word and discipline them properly. If you do this right one day they will be your friend.

Be your children’s “Buddy” in the early years, and you may lose them when they are teens!
Your children don’t need another buddy, they need a parent!

I am indeed GRATEFUL to have a child who LOVES God and has a desire to REMAIN respectful, learn more of who he is supposed to be in Christ. Raising him is a joy as well as a VERY interesting journey to say the least. He often inquires of how God is  offended by human behavior so he can try harder. Does he have faulty behavior at times? Well of course because he indeed is a child BUT training him up is my honor –

The greatest reward for parenting well, is when your children come to you, embraces you suddenly and thanks you for the job you did in training them. We are so thankful for our children! You too can parent well if you apply principles from Gods Word!


Copycat Maybe?

The Following intertitle.png

There has been a show that I started watching called The Following. I first  like any other show although it was on Season 2 and I felt that I was too behind to catch up, I thought that  may be watching for recreational time would “suffice”. However after the 2nd episode, the Lord indeed showed me that it was for a purpose.

★ Joe ☆  - the-following Wallpaper

The show has a great story line because it is really based upon how a CULT in 2014 could happen – how it obtains its followers, how the leader manipulates existing followers to recruit new followers.

It comes on EST on Mondays at  9pm on FOX – with Kevin Bacon – there are certain parts that I would call my son Jared in to watch with me and as a scene would happen, I would quickly explain to him how it happened and what he should do in an instance like this etc.

★ Ryan Hardy ☆  - the-following Wallpaper

From things happening at restaurants, bus stops and most importantly school settings – Which comes to the point of this blog post –  On a scale from 1 to 10 my son’s current school district is considered an “7.75” and the next town over is a  “8.5 ”  so of course wanting my son to obtain a BETTER education I was pondering on a few things.

However, this morning in a “neighboring” school district that I have been contemplated moving into for the last year has had a tragic morning – I INDEED believe that this HORRIFIC incident that transpired was connected to the TV show, The Following –  I am NOT saying that the high school student was apart of a cult but “spiritually speaking”…….. you have to watch just only one episode of the show in regards to what happened to see what I am saying.


Biblical Parenting…..TMP


Biblical parenting is not for cowards or wishy – washy parents. It take courage to set principles and stick to them. Be brave today, you can do this!

Biblical parenting says, deferred gratification is good and necessary to train patience but also to train out selfishness and the “ME” in a child!

Biblical parenting is directly opposed to democratic or humanistic parenting. Biblical parenting says that man has a sin nature that parents must train out of our children in order to pave a path of responsible behavior in them.

Biblical parenting also see that conflict is a reality of life and that resolution of conflict is good. Too many parents try to shield their children from conflict and their children develop no coping skills. Let them work it as you provide wisdom and clarity!





A Few Things About Boys –


For generations, mothers have gotten the same old message when it comes to raising sons: beware of keeping him “too close.” A mom who nurtures a deep emotional bond with her boy will prevent him from growing up to be a strong, independent man. By refusing to cut those apron strings, she is on track to create a wimpy, dependent, adjusted “mama’s boy.” There’s just one problem with this theory: it’s not true.

In fact, pushing boys to separate prematurely from their mothers and encouraging them to “man up” can be damaging to boys. What’s more, there are enormous benefits to a close mother-son bond, starting from the earliest days and continuing into a man’s adult years.
Baby boys who do not have secure attachments with their mothers go on to have behavioral problems later in life. Statistics reveal that boys who do not bond securely with their mothers in the infant years act much more hostile, destructive and aggressive later in life. A close bond with their moms when boys were young helped prevent delinquency when they were older.

Boys who are close to their mothers perform better in school. Mothers often nurture emotional intelligence in their sons, teaching them to recognize and express their own feelings and to be more attuned to the feelings of others. These boys not only become more articulate–which helps them with reading and writing skills, but also have better self-control in the classroom.

Few women still admire “the strong silent type,” let alone a man who expresses his anger by punching a wall. Men who can both listen and articulate their emotions are far more attractive. And of course, sons who grow up respecting and loving their mothers tend to respect and love other women. These same skills will also help them in the work place. In today’s economy, brute physical strength and a dominating style is no longer a ticket for success. Rather, men need the ability to work in teams and to have the very communication skills and social intelligence that their mothers have taught them all along.


Single Mom Dating


Welp….. having several conversations with other Single Mothers like myself..  I am saddened in regards to why they think it is okay to SERIAL date when they have young children at home. Everyone that you meet is NOT a potential! !!

As women, even if YOU did NOT have any kids at home, you should STILL understand that bringing multiple men into your home. ..your palace…..your resting place…your kingdom. .. your Safe Place is OFF Limits…

The fact that I’m even blogging this is giving me a headache! However,  doing journals,  videos and blogging is VERY therapeutic to me..  so… that’s why I’m here! LOL


Ladies, I have been single and not have dated for YEARS and although I would LOVE to be married… my morals, values, stances, ethics AND beliefs arw more valuable to me….to just settle.

I have met a few nice guys over the years BUT I was able to discern and quickly discover that they wouldn’t be a good match. Having a prayer life, common sense, wisdom AND discernment surely does help with Life Choices!


Your child should not EVER be a casualty of war via your poor choices when it comes to relationships!!! Being a good husband is only half of the requirement…. I have an amazing son who needs a GENUINE CHRISTIAN LIVING -FATHER and that is NON- negotiable.

Love your CHILD enough to wait AND love yourself enough NOT to settle.