Reasons I Blog

Welp…..blogging makes you talk about SEVERAL TOPICS! It has become therapy to me over the years…

After being on social sites like Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Tagged and a host of others for over 3 years – what is really the point? You can only network but so much right? Then after you have connected to a host of people what is next? You follow up and maybe collaborate on a few joint partnerships….

However, blogging TO ME – allows me to be free from all of the constant public comments….opinions….etc.

Yes, people can comment on blogs as well but the minute a comment comes thru, I can add or delete it in a matter of 10 seconds OR LESS… However – NOT TELLING “my inner OR outer circle” about my blog has been a choice to not be connected to them on this level. I do not really want massive communication back on what I write at all because this is NOT the forum for that.

Blogging allows ME to feel free…. I feel as if I am flying MENTALLY and soaring like a bird…with no fears…no constraints…..just my words and the wind!!

I have this amazing attitude…..

I feel that I can trust my words not being edited…..

I am a team with my thoughts…fingers and my blog…

I hold myself accountable because I am choosing to write what others can read – hoping they can take some sort of positivity from what I have to say…..

I have great consistency….I write…I fuss….I encourage…and I give information

In life it is very imperative that we all find something very LIBERATING to get involved in and stick to it until we discover a change within ourselves…..


  1. A person can give without loving but they can’t love without giving. Ms. Coleman it is evident that you love what you do and you do it well, you always give your best to everyone in your writings that is why I’m such a fan of yours. May God Bless You Always!!!


    1. Love you Mr. Ronnie!!!!

      Make sure that you continue to pray for me too as I will of course for you!

      Many hugs to all of the wonderful women in your life as I celebrate with you during Mother’s Day!

      1. ahaha…. I just felt like you really read my diary – read what i think – as seems ur here.. stalking on me…lol… yippy indeed, fbees isnt a nice playground anymore… fbees brags alot! lol

      2. It is amazing when you come across someone’s blog and you see their topics and you are like HUH!! Oh my goodness…. it feels as if like you stated…they have read your diary and just starting blogging about you!

  2. Great stuff! It’s not just the sharing of ideas and news and thoughts, there is so much to find out as well 😉 Thank you for dropping in on my blog, I alsways look forward to a new visitor and in that way finding so many marvelous people out there !

  3. Hi Sister V,
    How are you?
    I left a comment on one of your posts in response to your message…did you receive it?
    I’ve moved my BLOG from to my own domain, I’m also following you under my new BLOG so you should be able to trace back the follow and find my new address.

    1. Hi Brother!!! How are you – I didn’t know you moved via domain – I just thought that you were taking a break from being on line.

      We have to catch up! How is the family doing…beautiful wife and kids?

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