Another Heart STOPPER –


Okay – I attend the movies at LEAST twice a week and  when there is ANY TYPE of historical movie that deals with this country via politics AND black history / civil rights …..I DASH him to the movie theater to view it. Okay I have had a tough day folks – My son even had to hug me a few times and hold my hands……….. History is important in general but for my son being an African American boy in these good ole United States, it is IMPERATIVE that he knows.

The more recent black history type movies that I have taken him to see were movies as –

The Help….( My son was very irritated when we were walking out of the movie theater )

The Butler.. ( My son had very mixed emotions & was trying to compare life now vs then via black men )

12 Years of Slave….( My son was in such SILENT SHOCK basically during the whole movie )

Nonetheless, seeing The Help allowed me to REMIND myself of why I act the way that I do in certain situations when I am around “certain types” of white women ………..  The Butler made me honor and respect black men even the more….and 12 Years A Slave …………Welp, – unfortunately for me – I am STILL trying to “get myself together” in the worse way – it is 9 pm at night and I took him to see this movie at 1 pm this afternoon! So please pray for my mind and my emotions….. God knows that I am soooooooo serious right now –

I mean – although sadly……blacks have been in slavery for a little over 400 years – it still made me think of the racism that still goes on today for blacks – ESPECIALLY black men –

It made me feel bad for stereotyping and racial profiling that I do even myself – however – although that those behaviors are indeed WRONG……but before I make myself out to be this bad black woman who discriminates against her own kind – I get upset because “my own kind” have to fight to not only get it together….BUT also keep it together…

Yes we can CLEARLY see that the white men and women years ago played the main blame in slavery BUT we are in 2013 and things are not the way that they used to be…MEANING – I do not like hearing that EVERYTHING “is the white man’s fault”… I have heard that since the late 80’s and I am wondering why I am STILL hearing it.  The white man did not STOP EVERYONE AND EVERY DREAM that the African American people have or may had.

We have to be honest and LOOK around and LOOK from within and ask ourselves…..are we helping each other get ahead? Sadly, there is only a very small number / percentage of African Americans who even care about the American Dream….let alone will fight to even achieve it.

Truth be told… I want to know how many are going to school…. caring about their grades instead of truancy behaviors………. are the favorite subjects in school gym time or science….are we becoming parents too young……if so are we good parents….are we pulling up our pants…are we selling stolen goods….are we being disrespectful to our parents and teachers……are we choosing to have a library card instead of a gun…… are we interested in studying medicine instead of selling medicine……

With all that Mr. Solomon Northup  (real name of the man who was MADE a slave) went through AFTER being a slave for 12 years – he lived the rest of his life fighting for change – he did not choose to be a murderer because he was dealt a wrong hand….he didn’t become a thief ..he didn’t become a womanizer because of the 12 years of no sex etc..etc.etc.. LIFE CAN HURT A LOT OF TIMES….. Life can really give you the choice to give up hope – but it is all about what you believe…. can things get better? Do not worry about when – just believe that they will. Thanking God for people like Brad Pitt ( the part that he played in the movie ) who UNDERSTOOD that slavery was wrong and he risked his own life to make a difference with the start of 1 MAN named Solomon Northup –

Uggghhh – the movie did and still has me a little ticked off but it is HISTORY….it is apart of MY HISTORY – I embrace it …will learn MORE from it….. and find ways to make things better for me – my family – my people.

Thanks for listening –


Can We Move On Now?

Get me my smelling salts, I’m feeling faint. News broke last night that Kristen Stewart, dark chestnut queen of teen cinema, has been spotted making out with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. Well, OK, that’s pretty bad, a young girl making out with her much older, married director. But, it’s not that big of a deal. But wait! Shrieeeek! Kristen Stewart is supposed to be dating, for a long time now, her beloved immortal Twilight costar Robert Pattinson! Oh sweet sorrows in heaven, this can’t be happening! Not Kristen and Rob!

Not Kiki and R-Patz! Not our beautiful storybook couple who have thrilled us with all their shy frowning over these past couple of years. Obviously neither actor’s people are saying a word about this right now, but you can feel the terrible tension in the air, can’t you? Can’t you almost hear Rob hurling a commemorative Twilight ashtray to the ground, yelling “Didn’t this mean anything??…………………… He is of course shocked!! He is totally embarrassed but what can he do but make the RIGHT CHOICES for him!

The point is, something big’s been broken. Something once pure and good and true, as rich and thick as any vampire’s blood, is now ruined. Utterly destroyed. WOW – What will this do to the ratings of the LAST SEQUAL of Twilight debuting this November 2012!!

Ok folks…. I am being VERY SILLY RIGHT NOW….. anything or anyone that gets attention of God like figures eventually dismantles… young kids…. teenagers…young adults… WORSHIPPED the cast from Twilight Saga Movies…..

I thought that I was the only one in my age bracket 40 and up who were starting to give all this twilight hype a chance… I found it to be very interesting.. not obsessive but interesting… then lo and behold my age bracket and even senior citizens have gotten the Twilight Saga bug!

Welp…. these kids made Kristen Stewart a god and she FELL so now they are back to reality….. it is ok to like an actor or actress but the way that the WORLD has been reacting to the indiscrections of her and a married man shows how deep of a hold these actors and actresses had on our young kids today!

God is a jealous God…. and He allowed the indescesretions to be exposed…get over it people and continue living…. She was not loyal and neither was the married man she was cheating with…. okay now what? Do we continue to forget about REAL ISSUES that are “really going on” in this world…….

Can we move on now? I mean the horrid shooting ONLY transpired less than a WEEK ago and this cheating situation has taken over the media coverage! #SAD