YESTERDAY!!!! ………  The enemy almost had me jacked up!  Yesterday I wanted to flip out!!! Yesterday I so needed my mother!!! Yesterday I needed a hug from my sister!! Yesterday I wanted to choke my son!! Yesterday I felt like not wanting to be my son’s mother!!!!! Yesterday I needed God to take the pain away!! The bitterness surely was on its way and I am glad that God “blocked it”…… ( that is a true blessing )

Yesterday I was so upset that I could not even cry!!!! Yesterday, God allowed me to go through a very STRONG AND STORMY situation and he then gave me the peace that I needed and allowed me to have and maintain victory over the situation!

Yesterday God reminded me that I have to regroup and refocus to keep my sanity…. Yesterday God advised me that He allowed all of these things that I felt were so bad to transpire… Yesterday God said.. all is well.

OH GOD!!! Is all that I kept saying out loud!I almost felt as if I was INDEED going to lose my mind and the ONLY thing that can shift me toward that direction is when it comes to “family matters/ situations”…..

Welp guess what! The enemy knows that as well so trust me when I tell you that he works in OVERTIME and OVERDRIVE in that area because he loves to see me breakdown…..

Listen as a parent – your kids will surely take “you there” if and when you allow then…..  My kids ….my teenage twins have really put me through it since they were 12 1/2 years old and ask me if things has gotten any better?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… umm yeah like maybe like 3 months out of EVERY year that has passed since they have been that age! OH MY GOODNESS – HELP ME! For my teenage ungrateful kids to ONLY desire to reach out when it is a FINANCIAL thing is a sad thing.

It is a HORRIBLE….HORRID….HORRIFIC….UNBEARBALE thing to try and raise your children with another parent who has 100% DIFFERENT WAY of raising them but they are in their care. AGONY I tell you…COMPLETE AND STRAIGHT agony!

Of course children “rather”  sway toward the mind set of the parent and their family that allows things to be a bit easier on them….. Mother or not – I have feelings and indeed to SEE that they do not care about that but care ONLY the feelings that comes along with my pocket book.

The children also have to take blame in the things that they have done as well as have not done through out this horrid process as well… Allowing his father to think “one way” when it is not the truth and my son not speaking up is basically “co – signing” with what the interperation of me in situations.

I have CARED what my teenage kids as well as their father and family have felt about me via parenting LONG ENOUGH…… at this point in my life I feel soo empowered to move on!

My teenage kids will turn 19 this July and I have not washed my hands of “them” but I am indeed allowing LIFE to take its course! I will continue to pray on their behalf but nothing more and nothing less…… I know that I am not the only mother who has NO RELATIONSHIP with their kids father but it is sad that two parents cannot come together and raise their kids.

I do not beleive in allowing kids “to run the show” and the course of the relationship styles of the parents! Well that is what has BEEN HAPPENEING over the years and of course I am the bad guy because I have ALWAYS stood my motherly / Christian ground! It does not feel good while it is working but I know that it is working for MY GOOD.

Praying that God will save my kids! No wait…. God will save them! So my prayer is that they DESIRE and CHOOSE to become and maintain their salvation with The Lord! It is THEIR choice…..

I feel so much better thanks to waiting patiently to hear the voice of The Lord speak to me…. I am well… all is well and I have peace within “again”….

Honor your parents – that is the Holy Scriptures and no success will come until they can learn to honor! Things may look good and feel good but trust me, God will “shut it down” when people least expect it. You cannot go through life not doing what you are supposed to do and feel that you are going to reap the harvest of The Lord!


Raising Kids –

It is safe to say that even when you raise your kids in a Christian home, a loving home, a 2 parent home, a productive home, a supportive home IS NO GUARANTEES that your kids will turn out to be respectful and law abiding citizens. ( let alone God – fearing individuals )

We as parents MUST “get a grip mentally” and realize that we cannot control what our kids do and don’t do “in the end”…

Yes the bible teaches that we as Christians should train up a child the way they should go…and when he gets older he / she shall not depart. ……

I do BELIEVE that but from my own personal experience and true heart breaking DISCOVERY is that when kids are going through “their training” it is very imperative that it is not tainted….tampered with…distorted… in any kind of way!

Because if it is…. it can and will be a very dark and L———-ONG road ahead! Via my kids own process……MY GOD! It is soo unfortunate because their training period had VARIOUS HANDS in their process which I do feel that some of those SAME HANDS wish that they would have proceeded much differently now!

On a very – very personal note….my teenage kids are so out of control that I QUESTION MYSELF EVERYDAY… if it is ” I who birthed these individuals”….

Not saying that during the training process our kids can’t recover…. BUT it depends who..what..when…where and how the tampering occurs can depict if the kids will turn around….. There is a reason why we should train up a CHILD because you cant train up an ADULT and expect them to walk in line as they should!

Being involved EARLY and continually “as you are able” is vital so that you do not  have articles like these to read on an everyday basis!

The parenting has changed so much in America that it has literally “cost several family units” and it is just getting more tragic everyday.

It seems as if the kids that were born from the 1990’s until present are from a whole other world…..other planet and they have been unleashing their wrath on the households that they live in and something has to change a.s.a.p.

Kids do not want to listen…. Kids are not raised in properly. …

Kids are not seeing any examples…. Kids prefer rebellion over respect…

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